Case Studies

Discover how our PAX Services Group envelope solutions have transformed businesses and streamlined communication processes. Dive into our real-world success stories that showcase the efficiency, security, and obsessive attention to detail that PAX provides.

Harbor Hospital

The existing roofing systems at Harbor Hospital had surpassed the manufacturer’s recommended lifespan, requiring the hospital to facilitate a full replacement.


Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

The project called for work on an eight-story, occupied Naval hospital with complicated roof systems, including 26 different roof levels and various system types.


Charles County Detention Center

This project was a high security facility that is 24/7 manned location where we were required to coordinate everything from the roof since we did not have access inside the building. 

Seneca Village

The objective of this project was to enhance affordable housing in the Gaithersburg area by introducing new roof mounted solar-power across 58 buildings to benefit its residents. 

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